Three Important Tips for Travel.

So most of us at some point in our lives travel somewhere, whether its a trip in your own country or travelling abroad. Obviously there are specifics along with different variables depending on your journey, what i am going to cover in this blog is the standard basics of safe/efficient travel.

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1. Preparation

Okay yes it may sound obvious, but believe it or not we all lack a little when it comes to preparation. We all seem to plan ahead with the “best case scenario” we like to assume that everything is going to go to plan as forecasted. You need to flip this one on it head and picture “the worst case scenario.” It may put a dampener on your overview but you won’t regret it when something does go wrong, which it will! Im not trying to put anyone off a fantastic adventure, but the truth does hurt and as much as we think we have covered every angle its simply not the case. So make sure you have a plan for the worst scenario, an example here is if you are going to on a long trip in a camper. Lets say hypothetically its somewhere desolate in Canada, the preparation before the trip is to A. Make sure the camper is in full working condition and recovery service is added on. B if you have no phone signal to call a recovery service you’ll need to make sure you have warm equipment/sleeping gear. Finally C would be let people know where you are going beforehand and also be aware of any hotel/residence if you fall into real trouble. I think you guys get the idea, plan for the worst.

2. Build Knowledge

So knowledge cannot be skipmed out on, we all need to gather as much information on the areas we are travelling in. The key factor here is law, many people across the world get into serious trouble due to being unaware of the law. There is no way out of this one, “not knowing the law, isn’t an excuse for breaking it.” It really is a sticky situation no-one wants to find themselves in, so make sure you do your research beforehand. Research crime and bad areas, due to our adventurous nature its easy to wind up in a rough area. I see time and time again on the news someone extorted, assaulted and in some extreme cases killed through being oblivious. Things like this can ruin your trip for obvious reasons which is why its important. Its always worth reading up on other travellers who have been to the same area, as you can find great tips and advice first hand.

3. Set a Goal

When travelling it’s always worth setting a goal and sticking with it, the reason i have mentioned this as number three as I have found myself wondering what to do next or where to venture. This is time wasted and you don’t want to become stagnant. I’m not saying set a regime, as travelling for me is about creating the path ahead of you and making time your friend. You don’t want to set yourself on a dead set schedule, but you want to set a purpose in what you want to achieve from the trip itself. Then follow it up with actions every day.

Go forth everyone, make the memories you have always wanted. There is no greater sense of achievement than adventure and exploration. If you have the drive, courage and mindset follow the tips above and you’ll never look back!

Travel, Explore, Enjoy!


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