Eugenia falls

So here we are, another trip on the road! Today we picked a little spot called Eugenia falls. I honestly have no idea as to how we came across this lovely little spot, maybe I saw it on the map randomly, or maybe my girlfriend Amber found it?

Anyway it is a conservation area located North East of Flesherton, ON. We travelled from Toronto and it took us around 2 hours by car in order to get there, so it wasn’t too long of a journey at all and was certainly worth the venture.


We arrived there at around 2pm, the sun was shining but as we were so far north there was actually snow still on the ground! Above is a picture of me stood almost directly across from the falls. If you wanted to get to the same point, when you arrive follow the path leading down to the falls, once you arrive you will see a little observation area, once you’re done taking a look around hang a left and follow the stone wall all the way round until your view is similar to the one in the picture above. It truly is a fantastic view and I guarantee you will stay there for a while taking in all the beautiful scenery.

I don’t know whether or not we visited this area on a good day, but I must say there were only a few people I saw wondering round. Now I don’t want to sound as if I hate people, but peace and quiet is needed from time to time.

Danger Feet.jpg

Although there were signs saying not to I just couldn’t help myself, I had to walk over to the waterfall. I sat myself on this smooth sandy coloured rock, right at the top of the falls. The drop must have been at least 90 feet, and believe it or not I am extremely scared of heights, (I still wonder as to how I got this steady shot as my hands were trembling! I certainly don’t recommend doing this under any circumstances but I like facing my fears and getting a good photo. I would like to think I achieved both today!


This may look like a interesting shot (which it is), but I must let you guys know about a little accident that happened beforehand. So my buddy here Tim, came up with a genius idea (well we all thought so). He believed a great photo would be him jumping off the top of the bridge and capturing him mid air. I will let you know not everything went to plan, the jump was perfect but the landing on the other hand was not so graceful! As I said earlier the snow was still covering some areas, so I’m sure you can imagine the texture of the ground. His legs were whipped up in front of him and his ass did not act as a cushion! I heard Tim let out a scream of true pain, but i’m not going to lie I was holding back my laughter due to his painful screech, but as soon as I saw him smile a little, my girl like laugh echoed across the woodland before the falls.





I hope you enjoyed this blog guys, there will be more coming! If you like my shots please follow me on Instagram @modularshots.


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