Canada 150th

So yesterday it was Canada day! The 150th anniversary of this fantastic country, so most definitely an extra special occasion. I must admit me and the missus stayed in bed a little late on the day, oops. This didn’t however spoil the day, it just meant extra coffee was needed. We started the day by getting the bus to Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. The bus journey was actually quite pleasant, not too many people, but as we headed further south I could see each block getting more and more crowded with people.  Finally we arrived a block away from all the action, so we walked for a around 5 minutes and finally we arrived at Nathan Phillips Square. There were literally thousands of people, a centre stage with the Toronto City Hall in the background.

There was music in the background, and lots of food stalls that had long queues. I saw a woman that had ordered for herself and her boyfriend. She had a lovely long beige coat that looked expensive. As she turned around she dropped two corn on the cobs on the floor and a sausage slid down the side of her coat. I felt bad for her, but she honestly didn’t seem too bothered to my surprise! We didn’t stay there too long as we wanted to take a look at Dundas Square. We ventured over and there was again a huge influx of people, the sun was setting and the glass on the building’s was giving a hazy orange vibe from the sun.

After we finished we decided to grab some food, (we were starving). But it was getting dark at that time, and we ended up heading towards the CN tower as we knew fireworks were being set off at 10:30pm. We stood on Front Street West with so many other people holding miniature Canadian flags. The fireworks set off and the noisy crowd came to a complete silence. It was actually a little eerie to tell you the truth. The show was absolutely fantastic, as the fireworks came to an end everyone started to clap. It was such a great atmosphere to be in, everyone from the young to the old was smiling and happy.


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