Canada 150th

So yesterday it was Canada day! The 150th anniversary of this fantastic country, so most definitely an extra special occasion. I must admit me and the missus stayed in bed a little late on the day, oops. This didn’t however spoil the day, it just meant extra coffee was needed. We started the day by … More Canada 150th

Eugenia falls

So here we are, another trip on the road! Today we picked a little spot called Eugenia falls. I honestly have no idea as to how we came across this lovely little spot, maybe I saw it on the map randomly, or maybe my girlfriend Amber found it? Anyway it is a conservation area located … More Eugenia falls


Sometimes in life you have to take the first step towards something new. I have seen first hand people who get so comfortable that their lifestyle is almost impossible to break away from. I was in fact one of those people, I was in a reasonably good job, great pay, long holiday, pension and the full … More Travel!

The Arrival.

This is the start of my journey, I certainly feel excited but I would be lying if i said i wasn’t a little apprehensive. I have checked all of my bags three times and finally arrived at Gatwick Airport, my shoulders are aching with the weight of the bags. Checking in was quick and easy … More The Arrival.